Andreas McMuller: when shadows reveal beauty – The New Ones

One of the most elegant and refined photographic styles is certainly that of light and shade. Although the photographs present realistic elements, using the play of light, they manage to create almost unreal elements and let us imagine even what is not represented, thus developing the imagination.

Through this technique, we are able to observe how Mcmuller expresses his art, strongly influenced by his love of aesthetics. His passion for photography has also contributed to his growth as an artist, making his products a magical blend of styles.

Photo by Andreas McMuller – ©All rights reserved

As we can see in these photos below, Andreas shows us his ideal of beauty by depicting it mainly through the sinuous curves of women.

Photo by Andreas McMuller – ©All rights reserved

For him and his family, photography has always been a useful tool to capture and relive the best moments. This interest, cultivated from an early age, turned out to be a real challenge with the use of professional equipment, with which he has grown to possess a high personal and aesthetic point of view.

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