Saudade: Roberto Maria Lino’s sutura

R.M. Lino in his studio

The color red has always played an important role in Roberto Maria Lino’s life, assuming different facets over time and often connecting to the issue of family relationships. Red is, for example, the color associated to the open heart surgeries that the artist’s father used to take him watch when he was child; but is also the color of The Little Mermaid’s hair, a character that Roberto Maria is very fascinated with, a constant image in his childhood memories and drawings. 

The Saudade’s topic is then interpreted by the artist through the exploration of these two extremes of the color: on one side, the raw mémoires associated to the “glossy red” of the operating rooms and, on the other, the “whimsical allure of Ariel’s flowing hair” (Lino), a visual Madeleine de Proust of childhood joy and evasion from reality.

Inspirational drawing, courtesy of the artist.

The artwork developed by Roberto Maria Lino for JugaadMag is a 20×30 cm canvas from his Sutura series. Inspired by a drawing made when he was four/five years old, it’s a sort of artistic synthesis of the nostalgic feelings evoked both by the color red and by the recent watching of the new Little Mermaid’s adaptation. 

The Sutura series aims to reflect upon the artist’s family past by creating shapes and patterns using operating gowns and personal clothing as tissues to explore new meanings and possibilities with them.

Sutura, 20×30 cm, 2023, courtesy of the artist.

To discover more about Sutura and other Roberto Maria Lino’s project feel free to visit his Instagram page and personal website

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