Welcome to the new JugaadMag

Welcome to the new JugaadMag

Almost one year passed from the first post published on this website and we’re glad to introduce you to our new space, our new JugaadMag. Since the beginning of the year we started a process that involved several months in the making and that right now is coming to an end.

We moved our focus.

As an independent magazine we want to give you the best possible contents for your minds, we want to improve your skills and stimulate your insipiration. For all these reasons we moved our focus.

Alongside photography, the artistic discipline we began with and still have no intention of abandoning, there will be new and different topics. We want to provide you with a new way of looking at contemporary art, incorporating new names and implementing new categories, such as digital art, 3D art and the now well-known world of NFT.

Art is an ever-changing territory, and new technologies are enabling many emerging artists to make great strides in spreading their messages.
That’s why we don’t want to be outdone, keeping up with modernity in art is one of our main priorities. JugaadMag will be the voice of these innovations.

We changed our identity.

Among the innovations we want to share with you, the most obvious to the public is our change of visual identity.

Thanks to a partnership with Mysoski (@mysoski), an excellent artist and graphic designer, we have created a logo and a visual language that best conveys our message.

Image courtesy of Mysoski

Making JugaadMag visually appealing was a choice driven not only by the desire for change, but also by the need to bring to your eyes, and to the eyes of the artists included, a space to be proud of. A space to share.

We are doing more.

Our new mission no longer revolves only around a magazine, JugaadMag wants to be a lifestyle, ready to include as many people as possible.

The transition to this new era of our project has led us to redefine some old parameters we used to use for the presentation of our content, and to implement new ones.

Our desire to connect with you is getting stronger and stronger, so in the coming months we will be providing new channels and new initiatives to communicate directly with you lovers of the contemporary art world.

Through the creation of our own independent production studio we’ll start working on documentaries and videos. Thanks to the connection with new realities we want to organise collaborations of various kinds, and in the short term we intend to create a shop for all those who want to support our work.

We are doing more, and it is thanks to you.

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