The path of self-consciousness with Daniele Escoffier – The New Ones

If I could be a monumental pylon in the middle of nowhere, a wheel resting in the past, if I could be what seals the encounter between concrete and earth, then I would be a photograph by Daniele Escoffier.

Photo by Daniele Escoffier – ©All rights reserved

Deeply curious and sharp, Daniele has had an interest in exploration, image and representations for as long as he can remember. The main situation that made him interested in photography is a curious anecdote from his student life: he tells us that he became interested in the world of photography during his third year of high school, thanks to a punishment assignment dictated by a teacher who, hearing a lot of noise from the class Daniele was in, decided to dictate to each student a series of basics on photographic technique. Absurdly enough, a punishment assignment was exactly what made Daniele aware of what he wanted to pursue and study in the future.

The observation of places in their complexity, subliminality and significance, enters for him the sphere of the main actions of an author. The deep sense of fixity derives precisely from his personal way of restoring himself in every shot, exploiting a landscape, an object, a subject and representing everything according to an implicit and set self-portrait.

Photo by Daniele Escoffier – ©All rights reserved

His shots have the visceral power of a permanent sensation, linked to himself and to the public that observes the material of his production. We, the spectators, are the signifier: looking at his shots, we perceive things about ourselves that we cannot conceive in our autonomous path. It is perhaps the fixity, it is perhaps the emotional staticity, it is perhaps the subject itself that is perceived as past that creates a strong bond with the interiority of those who observe these images.

Photos by Daniele Escoffier – ©All rights reserved

Daniele looks for self-consciousness in his shots, he builds the idea he has about himself and the world around him and asks us to replicate this process, as spectators or future authors, in an infinite socio-anthropological and meta-descriptive path.

We are very curious to see what Daniele will have in store for us in the future, how he will proceed in his research and how much material he will give us to reflect on ourselves. You can check his work here.

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