Max Eicke. The Vulnerability Beyond the Surface #TheNewOnes

Of everything that lies beyond the surface, Max Eicke makes it the engine of a perpetual investigation, from social to personal, breaking the walls of denial.

Murat Süyür: can Ad become Art? – #TheNewOnes

Probably the photos we see most in our daily lives are advertising pictures. We are inundated with them: on TV, on social media, in newspapers, even on the street. But have you ever wondered who is behind these photos? Murat Suyur is one of them. His name may not mean much to some, but I […]

Juri Bogenheimer: The Real Face Of Feelings – The New Ones #7

Interview with Juri Bogenheimer Photos by Juri Bogenheimer – ©All rights reserved The genre of portraiture has been used from the very beginning to show the individual and to express his peculiarities, his dreams and his sufferings. For these reasons, it has remained one of the most popular genres over the years. Juri Bogenheimer is […]

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