The change is coming.

We are still a few months away from the end of the first year of our magazine. Since we started, there have been so many twists and turns, so many new things and so much exciting insights. We have grown together with our own creation.

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As in every area of life, existence and art, every growth process brings with it changes that manifest themselves through an evolution of the intrinsic nature of its bearer. There have been so many creative meetings, ideas, discussions and sudden changes of plan that have led to the decision to redefine the concepts and messages we wanted to communicate to our audience.

Limiting ourselves has never been our priority and never will be, we want to let the novelty, the fresh creativity, and the skills of artists who are now trying to establish themselves, flow.

Artists, not just photographers.

As much as the theme of the art of light was important to us, we decided to broaden our horizons, bringing to a wider audience, a real space, a real platform, where works, artists and narrative become one. Rings of conjunction strengthened by the ability to adapt to any environment, circumstance and need. What is called “the art of adapting“, what The New Ones apply, what makes us dream and what can be summarised by the word Jugaad.

Property of JugaadMag © 2022

We are so thankful for the wholesome support you’re giving to us and our project. New contents are about to arrive ASAP.

JugaadMag Team

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