Teach and explore: some of our next contents

As a new born indie magazine Jugaad Magazine is still in development and it will be in this conditions for several months. We are creating a new kind of photo magazine, that can teach and explain photography and storytelling in an enjoyable way, thourgh articles and works made by numerous emerging artists out there.

For this reason, we created “The New Ones“, a column dedicated entirely to new photographers and storytellers. The idea behind this format is giving space to the artist and giving value to the stories that will be told. With this space in the magazine, the artists will be free to tell us more about some works in progress and projects, through dedicated interviews and posts. We think of this column both as a great showcase and a good fireplace where stories come to life.

Starting from the next week, “The New Ones” will kick in with the first article.

But Jugaad it’s not just a showcase, it’s also a learning platform for people who wants to approach photography and wants to deepen their knowledge about some of the most peculiar figures, techniques, contexts and researches made around the world of photography that nowadays influences our life in the most potent way ever. By creating two different kinds of columns (still in development) we will guide the reader in a journey through history and in a conversation about some of the most interesting and complex themes of the socio-psychological area related to the art of image creation. While the historic column will inform, the humanistic one will make people think.

Stay tuned to check out our new contents. This is just the kick-off of something bigger, we are still really eager to grow.

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