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Paratissima Talents: an exhibition project that brings several works in a dedicated event about the most talented artists of the 2020 and 2021 editions of Paratissima situated in Piedmont (Turin). The artists on display are the winners of the prizes awarded during the 16th and 17th editions, selected from over 1000 artists. At Paratissima the best contemporary artworks can be admired. The creative talents of the new generations meet in a dialogue that ranges through different visual cultures. We have selected the five artists who impressed us most, let’s see them together!

Miriam Levi

Miriam Levi is an experimental photographer from Turin. After completing her studies at Liceo Classico Vittorio Alfieri, she moved to Scotland where she began working in the field of fine art and alternative photography. She graduated in 2021 from Edinburgh Napier University with the photographic book ‘Indigo Dust‘, a collection of alternative photography images, made in cyanotype technique, that tell the story of an archive abandoned in a forgotten future in the ashes of the past.

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Andy Caraway

Andy Caraway born in Genoa in 1996, she has been passionate about everything that can be creative since she was a child. From photography to painting, from 3D modelling to home staging. She attended the Liceo Artistico Paul Klee – N. Barabino and, after a year spent at the University of Genoa at the Department of Architecture and Design, she enrolled in the DAMS in Turin. In her works, the body is stripped of all stereotypes and preconceptions, reconnecting with its own intimacy. The bodies are the only protagonists of these compositions. The bodies are not perfect but real and diverse, all with equal dignity and deserving of respect and representation.

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Cristina Barbieri

Born in Reggio Emilia, Cristina Barbieri studied at the Gaetano Chierici Art Institute, graduating as Master of Art in the “Goldsmiths-Metal” section and specializing in Marble Sculpture. During Pandemia, the collection linked to “Disturbo” was born, which gave her the opportunity to exhibit at Paratissima. In her paintings she tries to portray emotional suffering, capturing fragile souls absorbed in deafening moments. And it is here, in the unexpectedness of an infinite chaotic perfection, that they take away the trouble. Not from others. From themselves.

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Livio Ninni

Livio Ninni was born near Turin in 1989. His photographs interact with pictorial interventions, creating a decontextualization of the real element, bringing it to its own mutation. In this way a link is created between the perspectives of the structures, the landscapes represented and the transformations to which they are subjected. All his artworks focus on a reflection on human existence as a temporary passage. The photographic medium represents a fraction of reality seen in a specific place and time. The pictorial interventions transport the subject into another point.

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Lorenzo Scarpellini

Lorenzo Scarpellini (Ravenna, 1994) lives and works in Ravenna. His research is based on the creation of forms that evoke the idea of abandonment and waste, but also of the ephemeral and the ancient, ambiguously drawing on post-apocalyptic imagery. He is sensitive to the ecological crisis affecting the planet’s natural environments and fascinated by the perpetual transformation that time brings about in objects, beings and materials, which leads him to prefer recycled materials.

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In conclusion, Paratissima has a distinctive, characterful effectiveness, aimed at a reflection on the present in order to approach the future with awareness. In other words, the main purpose of the artists is to bring the unknown future closer to us. What do you think about this? What kind of future do you see in the artworks?
Share it with us.

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