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During these two months we, at Jugaad, tried to give you different kinds of contents to satisfy all your love for photography, documentary, and storytelling.

We started with interviews and then moved to other columns such as #LearnWithJugaad and #100GameChangers. We loved to see your replies and feedbacks, they always add a great value to our project and to the concept of the magazine itself.

For this reason we decided to bring you even more! The expansion we are planning is happening because of you and the support you’re giving to us.

Without further do here’s the new features you’ll expect.


Since we want to stay connected with you and your love for the art of light, we created a newsletter to keep you updated with a new format that will be called The Monthly Pamphlet. It will be a “guide” that you can you to highlight the articles and contents that interest you the most.

You can subscribe to The Monthly Pamphlet here!

Amazing choice!


We share a equal love for everyone of you, and we know that photography and storytelling are a part of your life as much as ours. So, we think of our two parts as one big family that shares the same values and ideas. Jugaad want to create a meaningful bond between the magazine and its readers.

In the next months there will be interactive contents on which you can express yourself and be part of the Jugaad Family even more.

Down below you can fill out a form to help us getting better everyday!


The world is full of amazing artists, and besides our interviews and our featured ones, we want to expand our view, sharing our ideas with other minds out there. We can’t spoiler to much at the moment, but some other great people will be involved in the following projects!

Do you know someone open to a collab? Share it by clicking on the FEEDBACK button on the side, and will check them out, maybe it will be our next work!


We decided to create a free space for whoever has interesting and fascinating stories to tell about photography.

The column will be entirely dedicated to personal and factual one-shot contribution made by our supporters and people who wants to share thoughs and join our beautiful Jugaad Family. You can send your article or story and, after a review, we will share it throughout the world.

The only requirements are:

  • It should be at least a page long
  • It must contain at least 5 images of your choice
  • It must be respectful and not offensive in any way
  • It must be original, we’d love to hear your voice!

If you already have something ready to be shared send it to, we are waiting for you!

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