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As we all know photography found its roots in experimentation and in the development of different concepts or ideas. This process involves a great perception of what’s around us, from people to objects, including some of the most interesting details.

And it’s with details that Matteo Mura, a brilliant italian emerging photographer, works. Matteo discovered his passion for images at a very young age and started to learn and shoot just a couple of years ago, with his first film camera. He considers himself as an “adopted photographer”, pointing out that his knowledge of technicalities it’s not that strong, and that he prefers to rely on his musical and cinematic inspirations, which include big names such as Almodovar, Verhoeven, Valeria Golino, David Bowie and the british band, Slowdive.

Photo by Matteo Mura – ©All rights reserved

For this reason his photography can be considered as “unconscious”. He shoots with his own instinct, with his feelings and his heart, without knowing what the results will be and what shots will made the difference, establishing, in this way, a very profound approach to the subject.

Photos by Matteo Mura – ©All rights reserved

The details he searches for, whether with colour or black and white film, are captured in a spontaneous way, trying to bring the viewer a different feeling from the one he originally felt. Through his blown-up shots, he wants to disrupt every portion of the image, to go beyond the original image, beyond the concept of the image itself.

This great way of thinking, will bring Matteo’s works at Paratissima around the half of this month, in Turin, and we hope the best for him and for his career, which in his opinion, will be surely in black and white.

If you want to check out Matteo Mura on Instagram click here.

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