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One of the benefits of photography is the cathartic nature of it. The suggestions of the photography allows two types of travel, the former in the places we visit, the latter in the realm of fantasy. Fabrizio Fornasiero accompanies us on a journey within his ego, showing us the world from his point of view.

The introspective journey led by Fabrizio Fornasiero began a few years ago, when just over seventeen years old, he was fascinated by a digital camera and decided to learn how to use it. Since then, he has continued to experiment and study new techniques, both in digital and analog, creating step by step his own style. His path starts from a theoretical study which gives him a solid base for his work.

Photo by Fabrizio Fornasiero – ©All rights reserved

Fabrizio Fornasiero’s photography is oneiric because through his landscapes he manages to distract our gaze from reality and bring us onto a mystical plane where the imaginary and the real merge, blurring our rationality and leaving our thoughts to wander.

Photos by Fabrizio Fornasiero – ©All rights reserved

He tries to experiment with every technique he studies without setting himself creative limits due to the tools. However, his entire production is linked by a common thread which reveals the emotions guiding him during the shots. It is immediately visible the almost fantastic atmosphere that shines from the immortalized places.

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