Enter the vaporwave with Moky (Alessandra Gera) – The New Ones

A cityscape, acid tints, pink-ish tones and a big dose of imagination. These are the main characteristics that you can find in a Moky’s picture. Photos like hers are really something futuristic that wants to catch people’s attention with structures and worlds that seem really far away from our era, although, they are very much present-day.

Photos by Moky (Alessandra Gera) – ©All rights reserved

This style is nothing new in some of the arts that we all know, such as cinema, videogames, illustration and animation. Vaporwave style has marked a revival 80s vision for most people in those field, but it’s actually pretty new in photography, it’s a genre that stimulate the evolution and the progress of experimental techniques. For Moky this kind of style represents an extention of the arts I just mentioned, as origins of her photography and her worldview.

Her passion quickly escalated from the blurry Prunus Avium tree to the landscape in Bora Bora (French Polynesia), and to the colorful and suspenceful artificial world that she can craft with Photoshop and some editing skills.

Photo by Moky (Alessandra Gera) – ©All rights reserved

Her images speak through their composite nature, adding value to every single components that can generate and turn energy into a pixel portal for other dimension. In her modus operandi, editing has a large amount of space, useful to convey the creative process. Nontheless, the action of taking picture is not undervalued, considered the strong use of filters and sensor that can filter infrared light, and sometimes smartphone.

Photos by Moky (Alessandra Gera) – ©All rights reserved

For Moky every single shot is important and unique. Her talent is easely recognizable and her plans for the future are based on personal and artistic improvement and new exciting projects with some Kodak Aerochrome film rolls and Procreate App.

We are incredibly curious to check out her next works, and we’re sure the result will be marvelous and, of course, will bring us back to the future. If you want to support Moky’s work or you simply want to stay updated with her feed, click here.

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