Documentaries: JugaadMag’s New Project

2022 is almost coming to an end. During this year we grow a lot as a community and, internally, as a team. All the ideas and the nice project we’ve been carrying on helped us grow as a platform, and your support helped us maintain the focus on what really matters to us: art.

We had the chance to talk to a lot of different artists from all over the world (and more are yet to come), we covered several events and festivals to give you an insight of the contemporary art world, and we are closing this month with our new documentary project.

The idea behind the project

We know how interesting are fascinating are some artists’ practices, methods and concepts. For this reason we wanted to get even more inside their heads, understanding them and comprehend, with a closer view, what their art is truly about.

15 mins documentaries will come on our official YouTube Channel. We’re going to take you in their world, exploring what is means to be an artist in today’s modern society.

Duy Nguyen: Lost Memories

Our first production is already online. We had the pleasure (yet, the honour) to interview Duy Nguyen and amazing photographer, designer and contemporary artist based in Oslo, Norway. Through his art practice he analyse the relationship between memories and images. A journey across different themes, from his personal background to his outcome as a contemporary artist.

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