Discovering New Points of View: Untitled! and Ephemera

Today we would like to unveil Untitled! and Ephemera, two exhibitions organized by Paratissima located just minutes from the centre of Turin.

Untitled!, curated by Nicola Davide Angerame, is an exhibition about Nicola Bolla and is meant to be a key to help the public better understand the years we are living through images and his works, placing them outside of time.

The exhibition accomplishes a reinterpretation of the last 25 years of artistic activity by a singular and even partially concealed artist. Bolla achieved stardom in the 2000s thanks to a series of iconic installations (Vanitas) based on sculptural works that, through the exclusive use of an extremely reflective material such as Swarovski crystal, reinterpreted the history of sculpture by inverting its constituent factors, which had always been based on heavy, hard materials that were not very conducive to the reflection of light. This juxtaposition generates a break in the patterns and leads the viewer to associate light with a skull, thus also with death.

The exhibition also acquires special significance because of the choice of works: alongside the most famous works, we also find other new and recent works that are all to be discovered that are in strong dialogue with the historical and layered exhibition space of the Galoppatoio and the Scuderie Reali.

Let’s talk about Ephemera.
The main pair of installations are located both indoors and outdoors at the Cavallerizza. Outdoors we encounter one project by Daniel Gonzalez, created through reflective materials, whereas the other is by Antonima Luci and Katatonic Silentio. Despite being different from each other, they offer a contemporary and imaginative reinterpretation of ancient architecture. Everything revolves around creating connections between present, past and future.

Anonima Luci – Katatonic Silentio

A light art project curated by Stefania Kalogeropoulos and Alberto Saggia, it aims to amplify the sensory space linking image and sound to immerse the viewer and involve them within the performance. Space is the main protagonist which becomes a pivotal point to reconstruct the surrounding environment. By using 194 custom-made lasers, the environment is modeled by enhancing only certain features and is completed with geometric and essential elements that refer to a virtual space. Techniques such as echo, refraction, absorption and reverberation are used as tools for recreating the sound environment.

Parade Curtains – Mylar works
Daniel Gonzalez’s work focuses on the ritual of celebration understood as a collective work and set of symbolic values that underlie all societies. It conveys a sense of freedom, lightness where the feeling of collective life and equality prevails.

Mylar, normally used for curtains in Broadway theatres and for wrapping candy, it is a durable and inexpensive material that enables light itself to be treated as raw material. Its reflections feature prominently on two levels of our lives: the material world and the spiritual sphere.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see these exhibitions!