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The style of photography that can be defined as metanarrative is certainly the self-portrait. In other words, when we observe a photographic self-portrait, we see a demonstration of ego-love. Chiara Finelli takes us to the understanding of this style through her precious shots.

Throughout history, many painters and photographers have tried their hand at self-portraiture, while critics and academics (as well as the artists themselves) have defined and motivated it. Like Velazquez with Las Meninas, Chiara succeeds in encapsulating her essence in photos. Like Picasso in his paintings, she aims at deconstructing the self by giving importance not so much to objective realism as to subjective sensation.

Photo by Chiara Finelli – ©All rights reserved

As we can notice in these photos below, Chiara tends to be as original as possible, suggesting a new aspect of herself with every shot.

Photo by Chiara Finelli – ©All rights reserved

Her attraction to culture, art and photography began at an early age when she discovered a compact analogue camera in a sweet box. Since then, she has not changed her interest in the world of photography and has increasingly experimented in all areas, making her the photographer she is today.

Chiara encourages all kinds of artistic experimentation, which is why she is not opposed to retouching, which she personally uses either for small corrections or to completely revolutionize a shot. Through what she sees, she reflects her love for art and reveals an apparent world through her pictures. As a painter uses her brush, she captures the essence of the soul with her camera.

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