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Sometimes it is difficult to express what one feels, so one wonders how to find the right way to express oneself. Alice Carron has found a unique method of expressing herself through photography.

She is a girl who became interested in photography at an early age. She combines all our senses using photography. Her shots are as if intertwined with the feelings that nature conveys to her. But the senses present are not only related to sight. The auditory one is also highly developed. She herself admits that she uses music to find the right inspiration for photographic composition. Her photos, which are mainly close-ups, are very well edited. Just look at the care the make-up artists take.

In her photos, her desire to show her character and style is very much in evidence. This makes her shots special. In fact, the photos do not aim to be merely aesthetic, but he manages to convey his passion through these compositions. This is also made possible by his attention to costumes, make-up and the saturation of the photos.

Hi Alice, thanks for accepting this collaboration. I would like to start by asking you something about your childhood and your first approach with photography.

Hi ! Thank you for your interest about my work, I am very glad to have the opportunity to answer this interview!

In fact, I started photography when I was 12, when I had my first phone with a camera! At this moment, I was on holiday, in the countryside at my grandfather’s house. These landscapes were very inspiring, there were flowers everywhere, huge fields with golden tones. And I felt like I wanted to immortalize this, so I took pictures of it. And I loved it! As time went by, I took more and more pictures, then pictures of my friends. It was what I loved the most, capturing faces, transcribing emotions through faces. That was why, and it is still the case, I enjoy taking portraits.

What are your major influences? Do you have a favourite photographer that influences your style?

What inspires me the most is music. I find inspiration every day in music I listen to, especially from songs by The Cure, Bjork (and more !); I find their universes so inspiring.

Some of my shootings are inspired by songs such as this one which was inspired by the song “Blue feather” by Killing Joke.

I have many photographers that inspire me but if I had to choose one, I would say Irina Orwald, a Russian photographer. I really appreciate her work for the tones, the moods, her sensibility. Also, because it mixes fashion photography and emotion, poetry; what I also love to do in photography. 

As shown in your Instagram profile, you are mostly interested in fashion and glamour photography. Could you tell us the choice of these genres

Indeed, I love these genres because It allows me to work with amazing teams, create projects with a merging of ideas from the makeup artists, fashion designers, models and I. I feel my projects are really complete when I work with a full team. I really enjoy enhancing artistic makeups, original outfits or creations by photographing the model who wears it.

What do you like to show in photography, and what does a good photo mean to you?

I like to show this merging of ideas and inspirations from the members of the team who worked on the project. But I also really like to transcribe emotions through faces, through the eyes. I kike to show this mix between fashion and sensibility, because photography helps me to express my feelings and my inspirations at the same time. To me, a picture is good when it transcribes what you wanted to transcribe when you took it. I don’t know if the “perfect picture” exists because to me, the flaws of an image makes it inspiring, striking.

What advice would you give to models thinking about starting glamour and fashion photography with you?

DARE! I think that fashion photography needs the models to dare be posing in original (sometimes weird)  ways ; indeed I love to add some new and original poses to my projects, so they mustn’t be afraid if I ask them to sit down  on the floor and raise one hand and one leg ahaha! 
They also  mustn’t be afraid of theatralise their expressions because it could seem “too much” but it makes an amazing result once the picture is taken, I promise! 

What advice would you give readers to appreciate and love your photography work and its content?

It is hard to tell, but maybe I would advise them to read the pictures as they want to, look for the flaws and maybe make them wonder what it makes them feel. Sometimes pictures are inspiring for some people but not for others. Also, my goal is not especially to make people find my pictures wonderful or perfect, but mainly to express myself and maybe enlighten something into them. 

In the photos in your profile, I noticed a particular attention to detail and also in the makeup. Do you often collaborate with makeup artists? 

Yes, I always collaborate with makeup artists because I love to mix and match our universes, I find that it makes a real difference, adds some visual “punch” to the pictures and enhances the artistic side of the project. 

Your shots have both indoor and outdoor locations. How much do you think this influences the interpretation of your photos? How significant do you think the naturalistic element is?

I  prefer shooting outside because I feel more free, and I love to move around in a location and find different spots. I really enjoy blending in the model in a natural background, because nature inspires me everyday. For example, what I love the most is shooting with open skies, it really expresses this feeling of freedom, huge space, this aerial feeling that I really like to show in my pictures. 

What sentiment do you think stands out most from your shots? What emotion would you like to communicate to someone looking at your profile for the first time?

I think the main feeling that stands out the most is calmness and gentleness. Sometimes my pictures express more nostalgia or, rather, lightness and joy when I capture moments of laughs with my models. But the emotion I would like to communicate to someone looking at my profile for the first time is a lightweight feeling, something gentle, to make you feel serene. 

And now, our last question. Are you still working on any project? If so, can you show us something more about that?

At this time I am not working on any project because I did one a few weeks ago and my main job doesn’t allow me to do so many projects. But I can show you some pictures of this latest project!

Thank you so much for this interview! We look forward to seeing your next work. See you next time!

Thank you for giving me interest in my work! See you next time 🙂

If you want to check out Alice’s profile you can find it here. Remember to support her work and check out her contents!

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